Kimberly Ockene

Kimberly Ockene is a senior attorney at HSUS and was a partner at Meyer Glitzenstein and Crystal between October 2001 and January 2009. At HSUS, Ockene has assisted on a failed lawsuit against Purebred Breeders, a Florida-based puppy retailer.

Along with HSUS senior vice president Jonathan Lovvorn, Ockene is named as a defendant in a federal RICO lawsuit filed by Feld Entertainment alleging racketeering, wire fraud, and mail fraud.

According to court filings, Feld alleges that HSUS, Lovvorn, and Ockene played a role:

HSUS is in it as an independent racketeer.…They sent six payments to WAP that were earmarked for Tom Rider, and those payments were made, as we showed, out of a HSUS bank account, on HSUS stationary, a HSUS check sent by a HSUS employee, Jonathan Lovvorn, who had been a partner in that firm before he came over there [to HSUS]. So the idea that they didn’t know about this, that they were innocent, that they were duped, it’s ridiculous. They were in the middle of this.

They are also clearly a conspirator, as is Lovvorn and Ockene. In United States v. Salinas…you just have to further the object of the endeavor, intend to further the object of the endeavor. How is that not satisfied by HSUS making six of the payments? How is that not satisfied by Lovvorn and Ockene being counsel of record in a fraudulent case, and proceeding in a fraudulent case, which is what we’ve alleged; but in addition to what we already know, participating in the obstructions themselves, and also participating in any payments.