Sheryl Eberly
Key Player

Director, Civil Society ProjectSheryl Eberly is the administrative director of the Civil Society Project (CSP). She is also a senior consultant with the North Group, a leadership consulting firm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

After earning a degree in Communications from Pennsylvania’s Millersville University, Mrs. Eberly served as chief of staff to a U.S. Congressman, and then as a White House aide to First Lady Nancy Reagan.

She would return to Lancaster to consult private clients on social and professional manners, and authored a bestselling book through Random House, 365 Manners Kids Should Know – a book to help parents who lack the time to teach their children proper etiquette. Mrs. Eberly gives advice on such matters as getting along with other kids, telephone etiquette, and table manners.

365 Manners also advises parents about how to teach their children to be “Model Americans.” Sheryl Eberly encourages parents to teach their children the importance of flying the flag, singing the national anthem, and reading biographies of famous Americans.