Steven Maggi
Key Player

Vice President of Communications, Evergreen Freedom FoundationSteven Maggi is Vice President of Communications for the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF). Maggi is the former President and CEO of the Solano County Business and Education Alliance, and worked as a consultant in the education and emergency preparedness industries. He is also a former talk radio broadcaster, appearing on numerous radio stations throughout the West.

Prior to becoming EFF vice president, Maggi served as the organization’s director of education reform. He was critical of what he considered Washington state’s habit of throwing money at questionable programs, and supported a supermajority rule for local school districts to raise levies.

In 2008, Maggi served as Executive Producer of “Flunked,” a 49-minute documentary that examined America’s “failing education system.” Among its biting observations: Up through the fourth grade, American students are above-average when tested against students from other nations. By the twelfth grade, however, they are at or near the bottom in global rankings.

Narrated by award-winning actor Joe Mantegna, “Flunked” won the award for Best Documentary at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival. It also won the SPNovation award given by the State Policy Network for innovative marketing and outreach efforts by a think tank.