Bob Williams
Key Player

Founder and President, Evergreen Freedom FoundationBob Williams is the founder and president of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF).

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Williams worked as the General Accounting Office’s auditor of the Pentagon and U.S. Post Office, before moving to the state of Washington. He served five terms in the state legislature where he earned a reputation as a budget hawk. Williams was the 1988 Republican nominee for Washington governor.

After founding EFF in 1991, Williams quickly made an impact by helping to pass Initiative 134 in 1992, which prohibited employers from taking money from workers’ paychecks without their approval to fund political activities. (The U.S. Supreme Court would eventually rule that the measure was constitutionally valid.)

Williams warns that the American people are on the verge of losing their liberties to government. During a 2009 speaking tour, Williams urged audiences to fight to regain their freedoms, especially the right to private property. “There can be no pursuit of happiness without private property rights,” said Williams.

Stressing the need to “know thy enemy,” Williams also encouraged people to read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and The Plan by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed, to better understand the Obama Administration’s agenda to expand government control.