Edwin Meese
Key Player

Trustee, Southeastern Legal Foundation; Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution

Edwin Meese is an attorney, law professor, author, retired U.S. Army Colonel, and former U.S. Attorney General. Near the beginning of his career in public policy, Meese served with then-Governor Ronald Reagan from 1967 through 1974. Meese rejoined Reagan during the 1980 campaign and, following the election, served on the National Security Council and Cabinet from 1981 to 1985. In February 1985 he became Attorney General, a position in which he would serve until 1988.

Meese has written several books, including With Reagan and The Heritage Guide to the Constitution. Meese coauthored the final account of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group in 2006. In addition to his oversight rile with the Southeastern Legal Foundation, he is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and an Adjunct Fellow at the Discovery Institute.