Sherry Ward

Associate Director of Research & Toxicology, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Former toxicologist, the Gillette Company“Hello, I’m Sherry Ward from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. I’m speaking today as a member of an animal advocacy organization.” Ward offered this rare, honest glimpse of PCRM at a January 2005 meeting of eye-research experts at the National Institutes of Health. In arguing PCRM’s point of view about the future of toxicity and irritation testing of products destined for use in human eyes, Ward said: “We also strongly oppose ANY animal testing for conducting new … studies.” [emphasis in the original]

Ward’s role at PCRM is to make noise about “alternative” methods of toxicology testing, a role that’s not new to her. In late 2004, Ward joined activist leaders from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Doris Day Animal League, the Animal Protection Institute, and the American Anti-Vivisection Society in petitioning the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences — with the goal of eliminating the use of all animal tissue to evaluate potential human eye irritants.