Jeanne Stuart McVey
Key Player

Media Liaison, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; former Communications Director, Animal Legal Defense Fund; former Spokesperson, Sea Wolf Alliance; former Executive Assistant, In Defense of AnimalsLike 95 percent of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s members, Jeanne Stuart McVey has no medical training. But her job as media liaison for the PETA-affiliated group is familiar territory, as McVey has made a decade-long career out of “spokesperson” duty for radical animal rights groups

In 1993 McVey was executive assistant at In Defense of Animals, where she threatened to organize a boycott of Alaskan products and tourism because state officials eased regulatory burdens on wolf trappers. By the following year McVey also represented the Sea Wolf Alliance, a now-defunct group formed to fight wolf trappers in the North Country.

During the late 1990s, McVey spent six years as education director and communications director for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. There she fought to prevent the destruction of a small group of horses that may have been infected with the equine version of HIV — even though the disease threatened to spread to the thousands of wild horses in Utah. In 2001, McVey also worked with the Earth Island Institute on its “Wild Horses” project.