Sam Jacobs
Key Player

Physician Member, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Faculty member (Gynecologic endocrinology), Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers UniversityAttending the “Animal Rights 2002” convention, Dr. Sam Jacobs expressed open admiration for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the violent animal rights arsonists whom the FBI regards as America’s “most serious domestic terror threat.” Jacobs introduced himself as a representative of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine before announcing: “I thank ALF for what ALF is doing.” This is a disturbing statement coming from a medical professional (Jacobs is on the faculty of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers University) who presumably took the Hippocratic Oath some years back.

Dr. Jacobs was profiled in Good Medicine, PCRM’s deceptively named magazine, in the Spring of 2001. There, PCRM described how Jacobs pushed for the elimination of animal-dissection laboratories as a part of medical training at Rutgers, and repeated Jacobs’ contention that a vegetarian diet can help infertile women to become pregnant.

“One patient,” Jacobs claimed, ”despite months of intensive fertility treatments, was unable to conceive. After losing more than 100 pounds on a vegetarian diet, she became pregnant without any drugs at all.” Jacobs didn’t comment on any other plausible explanation for this outcome, including the possibility that being 100 pounds lighter resulted in her being more sexually active.