Trulie Ankerberg-Nobis
Key Player

Nutritionist, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; former street protester, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; author, “Live Nude Girls: A Feminist Animal Rights Activist Tells Her Story”If you’re searching for evidence of a nexus between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), you need look no further than Trulie Ankerberg-Nobis. In a February 2004 column, “Live Nude Girls: A Feminist Animal Rights Activist Tells Her Story,” (published in Animal Writes), Ankerberg-Nobis proudly discusses her titillating experience touring the Midwest with PETA:

I also am a PETA supporter and have volunteered for many of their “eye-catching” demos. I have dressed in a cow’s suit and a fur coat with a bag over my head. I have also worn a pleather “dominatrix” outfit to educate about the cruelty in leather and protested the circus as a tiger in a cage wearing orange body paint, pasties, and underwear. Most recently, with PETA I helped distribute Tofurkys as a “sexy Santa” in a mini skirt, crop top and high-heeled boots.

Less than a year after she penned this somewhat steamy portrait of herself as a piece of PETA’s eye-candy, Ankerberg-Nobis was hard at work promoting PCRM’s view that the airport food must be vegetarian to be “healthy.”

Ankerberg-Nobis’ odyssey of animal rights didn’t begin with PETA. She once sued her community college because an anatomy class required her to dissect an animal. Her husband, University of Rochester philosophy lecturer Nathan Nobis, is also steeped in the animal-rights world. Nobis sits on the advisory board of the Center on Animal Liberation Affairs, a quasi-academic outfit that supports the domestic-terrorist Animal Liberation Front.