Jennifer Ferenstein

Former staffer, Ecology Center; former staffer, Alliance for the Wild Rockies; Columbia Basin organizer for the Northwest Ecosystem Alliance in Bellingham, WAJennifer Ferenstein was elected to the Sierra Club board of directors in 1998 after serving as a member of the Sierra Club’s state and Missoula, Montana executive committees. She served as president of the Club from 2001 to 2003. Before joining the Sierra Club, Ferenstein worked as a staffer with the Ecology Center. Earth First! and Ruckus Society co-founder Mike Roselle sits on the board of the Ecology Center. The Ecology Center also nurtured the violent Ruckus Society, which Roselle helped co-found. In 1997, Ferenstein and Roselle spent a month trekking through the Montana backwoods looking for bears on the “Great Grizzly Hike.”