Dave Foreman
Key Player

Founder, Earth First!; Founder; Wildlands Project; Author, Eco-Defense: A Field Guide to Monkey Wrenching and Confessions of an Eco-WarriorA former environmental lobbyist and Sierra Club board member who became disillusioned with the democratic process, Dave Forman founded the notorious “direct action” environmental organization Earth First! Foreman declared that “Earth First! is a warrior society,” and under his leadership the group has engaged in arson, violent assault, and vandalism of all kinds.
Foreman is the author of Eco-Defense: A Field Guide to Monkey Wrenching. As the name suggests, the book is an instruction manual for illegal sabotage and how to get away with it. Foreman’s “Confessions of an Eco-Warrior” justifies his life of zealotry by stating: “We humans have become a disease — the Humanpox.”

Foreman pled guilty to conspiracy after he was accused of providing the funds to blow up power lines leading to and from a nuclear power plant. Foreman wrote a check to buy grenades.
Foreman left Earth First! in 1989 and founded the Wildlands Project, which seeks to restrict human civilization to limited patches of the Earth and wall off the rest for nature to rule. From 1995 to 1998 he served on the Sierra Club’s board of directors. He is presently the publisher of Wild Earth, the periodical of the Wildlands Project.