James MacKinnon
Key Player

Senior Editor, Adbusters magazineJames MacKinnon is a self-proclaimed anarchist, and the senior editor of the anti-corporate Adbusters magazine. Born and raised in Kamloops (British Columbia), Canada, MacKinnon was an activist from an early age. “Our family was fairly non-commercial and involved in progressive action — we were always being taken down to church-basement meetings with people from Nicaragua and stuff like that,” he recalled to Stinge magazine. He marched in a peace rally while only nine years old.

MacKinnon, a vegetarian in his early 30s, is a university dropout who fights the foundations of the modern world. “Most people suffer in consumer culture — that’s why it’s worth resisting it. It’s not worth resisting just because we feel mildly manipulated or we don’t like the taste of Coke,” he told Stinge. “It’s worth resisting because it’s oppressive.”