Kayla Rae Worden
Key Player

“Lettuce Lady” activist and sometimes stripper, People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsMost famous for chasing Gisèle down a runway holding a PETA sign that attacked the supermodel for wearing fur, Kayla Rae Worden started life as Kevin Worden. During a 2002 appearance on “The Howard Stern Show,” Kayla willingly disrobed for the cameras and French-kissed two female PETA staffers when Stern threatened to kill insects and a lobster if she didn’t comply. Kayla was quick to reveal her “assets,” and Howard complimented her on her commitment to the cause (and on her “nice, natural breasts.”). That’s right. Natural. Without surgery perfected on animals and daily hormone therapy developed with animal materials, Kayla/Kevin would still be sporting full body fur and a moustache.