Gary Yourofsky
Key Player

“Humane Education Lecturer,” People for the Ethical Treatmnt of Animals; convicted Animal Liberation Front felon; sports an “ALF” tattoo on his forearmGary Yourofsky is the latest in a long string of violence promoters to be employed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA hired Yourofsky in 2002 as a “humane education lecturer,” with the expressed goal of putting him in front of college, high-school, and even middle-school audiences. In his standard speech, Yourofsky compares himself to Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and Jesus Christ.

Yourofsky has been arrested over a dozen times for animal-rights crimes, and was sentenced in 1999 to six months in a Canadian maximum-security prison for a felony raid on a fur farm. Yourofsky proudly sports an Animal Liberation Front tattoo on his arm (he tends to wear long sleeves for photo-ops). Before getting “the call” from PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk, he ran his own animal rights group on a shoestring budget.