Wade Sikorski
Key Player

Former director, Northern Plains Resource Council; vocal member, Women’s Voices for the Earth; author, Modernity & Technology : Harnessing the Earth to the Slavery of ManWade Sikorski is the Unabomber’s doppelganger. He says so himself on his web site: “I am the other overeducated Polish hermit who lives in Montana and writes anti-technology manifestos… Unlike my evil double, though, I take showers every day and do not kill rabbits. Also, I don’t mail people bombs, not even to people I think really deserve it. As a result, the FBI has no interest in me — so far as I know.”

Sikorski is a farmer and rancher in Montana, but the label belies his real mission. Unlike most rural ranchers, he holds a Ph.D in political science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and a degree in Contemporary Political Theory. Before moving to Montana to write books and “ranch,” he worked as an assistant professor at New Mexico State University. In addition to his work with NPRC, Sikorski is a member of the Southeastern Montana Alliance, the Montana Environmental Information Center, and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s Incinerator Rule Discussion Group.

Sikorski believes technology is responsible for “Harnessing the Earth to the Slavery of Man” — that’s the subtitle of his 1993 Neo-Luddite book “Modernity and Technology.” He also published a favorable book review of the Unabomber’s “manifesto” in 1997.