Chaia Heller
Key Player

Noted proponent of “eco-feminism”; author, Ecology of Everyday Life; teaches ISE courses on “feminism and ecology”; “the problem of objectivity”; “arts, media, activism, & social change”; and “science, technology, the state, and globalization”Chaia Heller has been a leading light in the “academic” fields of social ecology and “ecofeminism” with ISE for nearly 15 years, though she has yet to acquire a doctorate. Among her notable works: the essays “Eco-cide in Women’s Bodies” and “McDonalds, MTV, and Monsanto: Resisting Biotechnology in the Age of Informational Capital,” and an interview entitled “Ecology, Desire and Revolution” published in that page-turner magazine Perspectives on Anarchist Theory.

She has also spoken on issues ranging from “The Shopping Mall and the Biotechnology Laboratory” to “Ecofeminism 2000: Creating an Ecofeminist Future.” While that may not sound too interesting, her biography insists “she is a highly compelling and passionate speaker, inviting audiences to reconsider traditional categories of society, nature and gender.”

Heller, who holds an M.A. in psychology from Antioch New England and no advanced degree in science, is researching “the politics of agricultural biotechnology in France,” and your tax dollars are paying for it: she has received a grant award from the National Science Foundation for the project