Roger Blobaum
Key Player

President, Blobaum & Associates; Board member, Organic Farming Research FoundationRoger Blobaum is a major connection between activist nonprofits and the growing “natural foods” industry. His consulting firm, Blobaum & Associates, boasts 15 years of experience working for the organic-only sector. Blobaum also sits on the board of the Organic Farming Research Foundation. From 1989 to 1991 he was a staff member at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), leading that organization’s “Americans for Safe Food” project. Blobaum is a vocal member of the “Soul of Agriculture” project, a faith-based approach to farmland preservation. In 1998 he told the Dubuque (Iowa) Herald that the “faith community” would “lead the attack” and “challenge the assumption that the industrialization of agriculture is inevitable.”

Blobaum represented the World Sustainable Agriculture Association at the 1992 “earth summit” in Rio de Janeiro. He has also been identified in print as spokesperson for the Organic Food Producers Association of New Jersey; executive director of the Family Farm Defense Fund; a consultant with the International Service for the Accreditation of Organic Produce; executive director of the Michael Fields Institute (Troy, Wisconsin); associate director of the World Sustainable Agriculture Association; spokesman for the National Farmers Organization; a former Iowa congressional candidate; and head of Rural Americans for Hubert Humphrey.