Margaret Mellon

Food & Environment Director, Union of Concerned Scientists; Advisory Board member, Center for Food Safety; former program director, Environmental Law Institute; co-author, The Ecological Risks of Engineered CropsMargaret Mellon is the go-to gal when news outlets want a negative quote about genetically enhanced crops — or just about any other food-related technology. She’s a frequent presence on CNN, NPR and ABC, and major newspapers across the country constantly publish her words. And why not? In her position as Director of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Food and Environment program, she has frequently published negative “science” on food biotechnology, and has served on the USDA’s Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology. Mellon looks and smells like an expert, despite questions about her biased methodology.

Mellon came to UCS from the National Wildlife Foundation, along with her deputy, Jane Rissler. She is an Advisory Board Member of the Center for Food Safety, another radical anti-technology group.