T. Colin Campbell
Key Player

Advisory Board Member, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Chairman & CEO, Paracelsian Inc.; Owner, New Century Nutrition; Professor, Cornell University; Founder, The China Project; Advisory Board Member, EarthSave InternationalT. Colin Campbell is a Cornell University professor and an outspoken vegan. He also authored “The China Project,” a series of academic papers intended to prove that the Chinese (particularly those who don’t eat meat, or rather can’t afford it) have a healthier diet than Americans. Raised on a dairy farm, Campbell is now an anti-milk activist as well, arguing — despite a lack of scientific consensus on the subject and a paucity of evidence — that milk causes early-onset puberty in young girls.

Much of Campbell’s objection to a non-vegetarian diet stems from his concerns over the presence of dioxin in meats. Good thing, then, that Campbell is Chairman and CEO of Paracelsian, Inc. His company sells testing equipment and methods for detecting dioxins, and is actively pressing the case for its own dioxin screening tests to be adopted as the national standard. Much of the company’s profit, though, seems to derive from its “natural foods” side business, which operates under the name “New Century Nutrition.” New Century’s web site is hosted by Jeff Nelson’s “VegSource” empire.