Murry Cohen
Key Player

Medical consultant, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Founder, U.S. Medical Research Modernization Committee; Advisory Board Member, New England Anti-Vivisection Society; Former Director, Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Lenox HospitalMurry Cohen is a co-founder and former chairman of the oddly misnamed Medical Research Modernization Committee, and a medical consultant to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Both groups vehemently oppose the use of animals in scientific research, regardless of the gains made in human-life-saving discoveries.

Cohen wrote a frequently recycled letter to The Ottawa Citizen in 1999, defending People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ assertion that meat causes impotence. He has also written commentaries for PETA, including a 2002 piece titled “Lessons for AIDS Awareness Day” in which he insisted the medical community “abandon futile attempts to learn about HIV and AIDS by studying animals.”

Cohen, like PCRM’s Neal Barnard, was trained as a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist. He has made his primary living counseling drug abusers, and has no advanced nutrition or pharmacology credentials.