Robin Ticciati
Key Player

University Webmaster and Associate Professor of Physics & Mathematics, Maharishi University of ManagementRobin Ticciati is not a “mother for Natural Law” at all — he’s a British expatriate married to Mothers for Natural Law (M4NL) president Laura Ticciati. He’s also not a geneticist. But he is a key figure in the Natural Law Party’s push to demonize genetically improved foods.

As M4NL’s “scientific advisor,” his role seems to be to bring faux credibility to the organization’s virulently technophobic positions — which is ironic, considering that Ticciati’s Ph.D. credentials are in math and physics. He teaches computer science at the Maharishi University of Management (MUM) and also runs the transcendental-meditation-based college’s web site. Ticciati is a good example of M4NL’s direct links to the Maharishi cult: several of MUM’s faculty wives are active in M4NL, and Robin Ticciati provided logistical support when M4NL opened a campus co-op at MUM, which sells only (of course) organic food items.