Laura Ticciati
Key Player

Author, Genetically Engineered Foods: Are they Safe? You Decide; 2000 Vice-Presidential candidate (with John Hagelin), the Natural Law PartyNatural Law Party activist Laura Ticciati founded Mothers for Natural Law (M4NL) in 1996 and has used the group to promote two things: the political party and its platform of enforcing mandatory labeling on genetically improved foods. In 2000, M4NL “officially joined forces with the Natural Law Party” for the presidential campaign, and Natural Law’s John Hagelin (remember him?) picked Laura Ticciati as his running mate. The pair received 0.08% of the popular vote nationwide.

Ticciati has said she joined the campaign because of her “desire to make the hazards of genetic engineering a central issue of Campaign 2000.” This came as no surprise to those who understood anything at all about the Natural Law Party and the Maharishi cult that pulls its strings: both have been extremely critical of agricultural biotech’s scientific advances, even in the face of growing evidence that they will contribute to solving the world’s hunger problems. With her husband Robin, Laura authored Genetically Engineered Foods: Are they Safe?, a pamphlet-length work of near-fiction marketed by the Natural Law Party.