John Robbins
Key Player

Founder, EarthSave International; National Council member, Farm Animal Reform Movement; Baskin-Robbins ice cream heir; author, Diet for a New America and The Food RevolutionFalling somewhere between vegetarian activist and new-age religious guru, John Robbins was once heir to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream fortune. Instead of claiming his inheritance, he walked away from the money and wrote a book attacking the source of his family’s income (1987, Diet for a New America). After enjoying success as an author, he created EarthSave to promote his beliefs and provide an activist outlet to his newfound followers.

More recently, Robbins is the author of The Food Revolution, a book that Library Journal criticized for Robbins’ “zealous advocacy of plant-based nutrition,” and his “refusal to consider the need for animal products in human nutrition.” In addition to keeping busy with his aggressive book-promotion tour, Robbins is also on the national council of the Farm Animal Reform Movement.