Jeffrey Armour Nelson
Key Player

Webmaster and owner, VegSource Interactive; Author, Sue the Bastards and Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work for YouAn entrepreneur with a colorful background, Jeff Nelson dabbled in television and publishing before becoming a professional vegetarian. His web site (VegSource Interactive) boasts being “the most popular vegetarian web site on the Internet.” It’s a brightly colored clearinghouse of vegetarian information and a gateway to other activist sites.

VegSource provides copious Internet links to the opinions of diet doctors whose edicts of “no meat or animal products” are far enough out of the mainstream that few other segments of society will offer them a forum. But make no mistake, Nelson and EarthSave have elevated some of these veggie nutritionists and practitioners of questionable science to the rank of “experts.”

Though he does not mention it in his official biography, Jeff Nelson is the Armour meatpacking empire’s principal heir. Now firmly anti-meat, Nelson is also the co-author of Sue the Bastards!, a how-to book on filing ad hominem lawsuits, as well as a book about handwriting analysis.