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  • Bruce McKay

    Founding director, Greenpeace Montreal; former science advisor, Greenpeace International

  • Boyce Thorne-Miller

    Board member, the Coast Alliance; Board member, the Arctic Network; Founding co-director, Ocean Advocates; Oceanic consultant, Greenpeace International and the World Wildlife Fund; Former employee, the Oceanic Society and Friends of the Earth

  • Kieran Mulvaney

    Former ecology campaigner and anti-whaling activist, Greenpeace International; founder, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society; author, The Greenpeace Book of Dolphins

  • John Passacantando

    Co-founder, Ozone Action; former executive director, the Florence and John Schumann Foundation

  • Jim Thomas

    Genetic engineering campaign director, Greenpeace USA

  • David Fenton

    Co-founder, Environmental Media Services; director, Environmental Working Group; founder, Fenton Communications; co-founder, New Economy Communications; co-founder, Death Penalty Information Ctr.; former PR director, Rolling Stone Magazine

  • Mike Roselle

    Co-founder, the Ruckus Society; co-founder, Earth First!; co-founder, Rainforest Action Network; former director, Greenpeace USA; Board member, National Forest Protection Alliance; former timber campaigner, (Ralph Nader’s) Resource Conservation Alliance

  • Charles Margulis

    Genetic Engineering Campaign manager, Greenpeace USA; Former director, Westchester (NY) People’s Action Coalition

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