The American Security Institute

The American Security Institute educates Americans about foreign and domestic threats to our democracy. In 2020, ASI launched the China Owns US campaign to warn Americans about the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party against the United States. ASI also started the Challenge Censorship campaign to analyze the ever-growing influence of Big Tech companies in American democracy.
The original goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of the Chinese Communist Party expanding its “soft power” by controlling American film production and distribution. The result was a revision of U.S. government oversight and approval of the foreign ownership of critical domestic assets. That revision was realized through the expanded authority of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). Passed in 2018, this was the first major reform of CFIUS since 2007. The expanded campaign comes at a time when it is critical to understand how Chinese influence has expanded in the United States, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not intended to serve as an extended critique of Chinese communism. Nor is it intended to criticize China for its foreign policy activities outside of the United States, such as the Chinese Communist Party’s support for North Korea or its weaponization of artificial islands in the South China Sea. Instead, our objective is to present a readable digest of information on how China, in many aspects, owns the United States.

The Challenge Censorship campaign launched in 2021 in response to the major role Big Tech companies began to play in American elections and the free market. In January 2021, Apple, Amazon, and Google single-handedly wiped an up-and-coming social media website Parler from the face of the internet by eliminating Parler’s app from app stores and by removing Parler’s website from Amazon servers. 

Challenge Censorship aims to put a spotlight on the unprecedented power that Apple, Amazon, and Google have acquired so that Americans become aware of the threat they pose to online businesses and democracy itself. Challenge Censorship believes three monopolies should not be able to eliminate companies from the free market while simultaneously meddling in the marketplace of ideas. And that social media censorship should not be conducted in a biased manner.