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  • HSUS Political Arm in Trouble with the FEC

    Document Analysis Gov't, Lobbying, Politics Government Documents
    On Monday, the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) was sent a letter by the Federal Election Committee (FEC) for a 2016 campaign violation. In the run-up to Election Day, nearly $80,000 was reported to the FEC outside of the 24-hour window allowed for such expenditures. Paperwork mishaps can happen to any organization every once in […]
  • Former PETA Employee: PETA Killed Adoptable Puppies and Kittens

    Animal Rights Headlines
    A new document filed in the ongoing dognapping lawsuit against the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) demonstrates the long-term, systemic pattern of trespassing, pet theft, and killing that occurs as part of PETA’s pet slaughterhouse operation at … Continue reading
  • Best in No-Show: HSUS Nowhere to be Found as Animals Die on the Plains

    Animal Agriculture
    With wildfires whipping across the Great Plains, a large number of people and animals have fallen victim to fast moving infernos. Around 1.6 million acres, so far, have been burnt. Unable to outrun the fast-moving blaze, several people lost their lives while others lost their livelihoods, their animals and crops. While people from the plains […]
  • Conservatives Should Ignore Overtures from HSUS

    Fundraising & Money
    It isn’t enough that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) misleads the American public with ads focused on helping pets – only about 1% of its budget goes toward funding local shelters – now it is making overtures to conservatives with similarly distorted rhetoric. Recently, we’ve seen HSUS hire a GOP fundraiser, reach […]
  • Will HSUS Campaign Against Eating Lobster?

    Animal Rights Radical Activism Seafood
    The Washington Post recently reported on a situation in Australia whereby a seafood company was convicted of animal cruelty for preparing a lobster in an inhumane fashion. The piece quotes three—yes, three—people employed by HSUS-affiliated groups, and it got us … Continue reading
  • PETA’s the Best—At Killing Dogs and Cats

    Animal Rights
    Another year, another pile of dead dogs and cats for the crematorium, courtesy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Late Tuesday night—almost literally at the last minute—PETA filed its 2016 animal custody information with the Virginia Department of Agriculture … Continue reading
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