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  • Ad: Fake Meat Grows in Factories, Not on Vines

    We’re taking our education campaign about fake meat to a new level. Today, we have placed an ad in The Wall Street Journal showing the differences between fake and real meat. A second ad will run tomorrow in the New York Post. The ads are part of our ongoing campaign to bring the uninviting ingredients […]

  • Quiz: Veggie Burger or Dog Food?

    The latest generation of “plant-based” fake meat products are designed to mimic the taste of mouthfeel of natural meat. But to do this requires chemical processing. After all, veggie burgers don’t grow on a vine. Recently, Dr. Frank Mitloehner, a scientist with University of California-Davis, posted three ingredient labels to Twitter. Two are for the […]

  • What’s in Fake Milk?

    Recently, we launched a campaign exposing what’s really in “fake meat” products. Veggie burgers have been around for decades, but recently some startups have launched new products and piqued consumer interest. Here’s the rub: Consumers may believe these products are better for them, but our campaign lets them know that these products are generally highly […]

  • Watchdog: Humane Society Gets a “D” Grade

    The Humane Society of the United States deserves to be grounded. CharityWatch released its Summer 2019 Rating Guide, and for the second year in a row HSUS scored a “D.” CharityWatch calculates as much as 48% of HSUS’s spending is on overhead. It’s not just CharityWatch either. Several months ago, Charity Navigator reduced its score of the Humane Society of the United States, based on the group’s […]

  • Why is HSUS Impeding Service Dog Training?

    Care for injured veterans is important, and service dogs play a vital role in helping wounded warriors recover. So why is the Humane Society of the United States supporting legislation that would hamper service dog training? SB 295, a bill supported by HSUS that would have impeded service dog training, recently died in the Texas […]

  • How Anti-Breeder Laws Contribute to Pet Trafficking

    According to a recent New York Times report, pet shelters are starting to experience an unusual problem: puppy shortages. Across the country, shelters are shuffling dogs from poorer areas in the South to wealthier areas across the North. The trend started after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf, causing thousands of animals to suddenly become homeless. A few […]

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