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  • Orange County Register: Consumers deserve more credit card competition

    A recent report from the National Retail Federation predicts holiday sales will increase by roughly seven percent this year compared to 2021 — with the proportion of online sales projected to grow by 15%. Inflation is a key component of the equation. According to the latest government data, consumer prices are up nearly 8% compared […]

  • Animal Rights Extremists Condemn Thousands of Animals to Cruel Demise

    Animal rights activists placed wildlife at risk after releasing 10,000 carnivorous mink from a farm in Hoaglin, Ohio–as well as condemning the mink themselves to their demise.  The criminals, who are allegedly affiliated with the FBI-designated domestic terrorist group Animal Liberation Front, cut fencing, released animals, and vandalized barns at Lion Farms, located roughly 15 […]

  • SHOCK STAT: Consumers Shoulder $140 Billion a Year in Hidden Credit Card Swipe Fees

    Currently, consumers are really feeling a financial squeeze. The latest federal government data finds consumer prices, on average, have increased by nearly eight percent over the past 12-months. Grocery store prices are up 12 percent. Gas is up 18 percent. And rent is up 7 percent. Although not making headline news, one of the contributing factors to […]

  • HumaneWatch Condemns Palestinian Mayor’s Brutal Dog Bounty Policy

    Tayseer Abu Sneineh, the Palestinian mayor of the West Bank city of Hebron, offered a bounty to citizens for killing stray dogs, saying, “Whoever kills a stray dog or delivers to us a stray dog that’s been killed, we are willing to reward him with 20 shekels ($5.6) for each dog delivered to us.” Abu […]

  • Washington Post: California’s pork proposition would raise prices

    The spin in vegan activist Wayne Pacelle’s Oct. 28 letter, “Farm animal welfare,” claiming that the pork industry is supportive of California Proposition 12 — a law that bans the sale of almost all pork produced in the United States from being sold in the Golden State — would give “Baghdad Bob” a run for […]

  • Illinois Shelter Investigated Multiple Times, Faces Numerous Allegations of Misconduct

    We wrote recently about two state investigations in Illinois animal shelters. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there. Open records requests filed by HumaneWatch shows the state of Illinois had to investigate Wright-Way Rescue, based in Morton Grove, on at least six different occasions that we have found based on open records requests. In 2016, […]

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