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  • Is Upside Foods Going Upside Down?

    It’s no secret that the fake meat industry is in the pits. After the IPO of Beyond Meat in 2019, consumers were curious to try the latest iteration of imitation meat. The new plant-based “meat” was supposed to be an upgrade over the cardboard-tasting soy burgers of the past. But consumer interest quickly declined as […]

  • Glass Found in Impossible Burger, Lawsuit Claims

    Imitation meat uses a lot of industrial additives to try to mimic the mouthfeel and taste of natural meat. Titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, disodium inosinate, and copper sulfate can be found in various products. Australia even prohibited Impossible fake nuggets this spring because they contained a banned substance. Now, a new lawsuit alleges one Virginia […]

  • Is the ASPCA Deceiving Donors About Maui Rescue Efforts?

    The wildfire that gutted Lahaina has claimed many human and animal lives. In a tragic new story, parents found their 14-year-old son’s body. He had died while hugging his dog. Unfortunately, as with any disaster, there are those who seek to exploit emotions to raise money. Today and yesterday we saw a fundraising ad for […]

  • Meet Farmer Turncoat

    There’s always a turncoat. In the American Revolution, there was Benedict Arnold. In the battle of the EATS Act, it’s a small organic farmer in the Midwest. The lobbying arm of the anti-meat Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) just released a TV ad featuring all sorts of deceptive bull from a small-scale Michigan […]

  • Animal Rights Activist Guilty of Animal Cruelty

    Animal rights activists are often hypocrites. PETA celebrities wear leather and eat meat. PETA itself kills pets by the truckload. And now one notable activist in Colorado, who was appointed by the governor to a state board, has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after being accused of hoarding animals in deplorable conditions. Ellen Kessler is an aggressive […]

  • PETA’s 25 Year Anniversary of Killing Pets

    While animal shelters work tirelessly to rescue pets and unite them with loving families, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) kills thousands of cats and dogs. According to the latest government filings, PETA euthanized 2,092 dogs and cats in 2022–its highest killing year since 2014. What’s more, PETA has killed nearly 50,000 animals […]

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