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  • HSUS Tied to Lobby Shop That Housed Accused Fraudster

    Gov't, Lobbying, Politics
    The Humane Society of the United States has come under scrutiny from Members of Congress for spending an inordinate amount of money on lobbying in possible violation of charity rules. New revelations shine a light on the lobbying apparatus in which HSUS operates. According to the Washington Free Beacon, lobbyist David H. Miller was recently […]
  • Fourth Dog Dies in HSUS Custody

    Courtroom Drama
    We wrote recently of the three Great Danes being held by HSUS in a secret location since a June seizure in New Hampshire, including one that had died of painful intestinal bloat. News broke over the weekend that a fourth dog, a 15-month-old puppy, has died while in HSUS custody. The cause is yet to […]
  • HSUS Execs Live High on the Hog

    Executive Staff
    According to its tax return, last year the Humane Society of the United States spent about 50 percent of the money it raised simply trying to raise more money. It’s a case of “factory fundraising”: A charity that cares more about its bottom line than its mission. And with the amount of money its executives […]
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