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  • Ad: What Chemical Culprits Are Hiding in Your Fake Meat?

    As part of our campaign to educate the public on the true nature of plant-based synthetic meat, we placed a full-page ad in The Chicago Tribune. The ad highlights some of the “chemical culprits” found in fake meat such as methylcellulose, ferric phosphate, and propylene glycol. These are the very same chemicals used in laxatives, […]

  • HSUS CEO Slams Former HSUS CEO

    The current CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, Kitty Block, and disgraced former CEO, Wayne Pacelle, recently got into a catfight in the Chicago Tribune. Grab your popcorn.  It started when Steve Chapman, a Tribune columnist, wrote an essay calling for society to forgive Michael Vick’s wrongdoings that landed him in prison […]

  • HSUS Lobbyist Sued Over Killer Dog

    We have an update in the tragic and outrageous incident involving Humane Society of the United States lobbyist Annie Hornish, who is the group’s Connecticut state director. Hornish has been under scrutiny after a pit bull she owns attacked and killed a 95-year-old woman at Hornish’s home. Hornish initially claimed the woman had died from […]

  • Ad: Dog Food or Fake Meat?

    Can you tell the difference?

  • Update: HSUS Lobbyist Wants Killer Dog to Be Spared

    Several weeks ago, we wrote about Annie Hornish, an HSUS lobbyist and former state representative, whose pit bull savagely killed an elderly friend of Hornish’s mother. The death occurred when Hornish’s pit bull knocked the woman over and mauled her. This sad situation quickly became bizarre.  Hornish initially speculated that the fall could have been […]

  • Talking Turkey About Meat and Climate Change

    Originally published in The Waco Tribune-Herald by Will Coggin on November 2, 2019: Thanksgiving is almost here. Along with turkey and mashed potatoes, one thing can be counted on: Awkward dinner table conversations. And unfortunately, this year the main course is a political matter. Your environmentally conscious cousin may point out that he isn’t eating […]

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