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  • AD: Is Someone You Know “Faking” It?

    As part of our campaign to educate the public on the meat analogues, today we have placed a full-page ad in the New York Post. The ad highlights things that everyone likes to (or should) avoid: toupees, fake orgasms, and fake meat. Despite what the plant-based protein peddlers would have you believe, fake meats are […]

  • Soda Taxes (Still) Don’t Work

    A new study released reaffirms what we have known for ages: Soda taxes are pointless, unless your goal is a regressive tax to fund bloated government.  Advocates typically pitch soda taxes as a public health measure, arguing they will reduce soda consumption. But the study, the result effort of researchers from the University of Iowa […]

  • HSUS Lobbyist’s Dog Kills Woman

    Tragedy struck in Connecticut last week as a pit bull belonging to Humane Society of the United States state director Annie Hornish mauled a 95-year-old guest to death. According to news reports, the vicious dog, which Hornish adopted in July, knocked the woman over before dealing serious injuries to her lower body from which she […]

  • UPDATE: HSUS Backs “Rescue” Group on Probation

    Last year we alerted readers to National Mill Dog Rescue, a Colorado-based organization, which claims to “save” dogs from breeders and adopts out dogs for a fee. At the time, we reported on a Washington Post story about “retail-rescues”–a  process in which rescues buy and sell dogs for profit. Now, as authorities are scrutinizing NMDR, […]

  • The Plant-Based Chicken Comes Home to Roost

    Originally published in Wall Street Journal by Rick Berman on November 6, 2019: Beyond Meat’s stock has tumbled back to Earth after peaking at $234.90 a share in late July. The “plant-based meat” company’s stock closed at $81.45 Tuesday, and it may be the beginning of worse to come. What if the alt-meat industry turns out […]

  • UPDATE: HSUS Pays Up in Unlawful Pet Seizure

    A couple of months ago, we told you about the Sennes saga. The story of an elderly couple from Mississippi who just wanted their pets back after HSUS unconstitutionally removed them. The saga started when HSUS and the local sheriff’s department arrived at the Sennes’ estate. The group decided to pay the Sennes a visit […]

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