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  • HSUS Revenue Sinks $25 Million

    Just in time for Halloween, the Humane Society of the United States released something pretty scary: Its tax return for 2018.  It was a rough year financially for HSUS (no relation to local humane societies that run pet shelters). Its revenues declined drastically, which is expected after the high-profile resignation of CEO Wayne Pacelle in […]

  • Vegan Group Tries to Silence Nutrition Research

    For years, the so-called “Physicians Committee” for Responsible Medicine, a PETA-linked organization that represents less than 1% of America’s medical doctors, has used junk science studies to push veganism. Now it’s trying to stifle new science that contradicts with its ideological agenda.  This month, the Annals of Internal Medicine released multiple articles debunking the motley […]

  • Former Humane Society Exec Convicted of Child Sex Trafficking

    It’s been a rough month for alumni of the Humane Society of the United States (not affiliated with your local humane society). We reported recently on the sentencing of Scotlund Haisley, former head of HSUS’s rescue team, for armed robbery in DC. Now, former HSUS vice president David K. Wills has been convicted on federal […]

  • Money-Grubbing “Humane Society” Closing Animal Care Centers: Sources

    According to its newly released tax return, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) spent nearly $70 million on fundraising last year, had $30 million offshore in the Caribbean, and paid 67 staffers over $100,000 in compensation. Yet, now word has come to us that HSUS is too cheap to continue operating several of […]

  • Al Gore Set to Cash In on Fake Meat

    The so-called “creator of the Internet” and former Vice President Al Gore is trying to find new relevance–and fortune–with fake meat. It starts with the World Resources Institute. WRI, which has received funding from a host of wealthy, radical environmental foundations, conducts studies concerning climate change that often come to panic-inducing conclusions. Gore was on […]

  • Ad: Want This in Your BLT?

    As part of our effort to educate the public on the contents of “plant- based” meat, we have placed an ad in USA Today. The ad compares real bacon to fake bacon–an ultra-processed imitation.  Americans love bacon. A poll revealed that only four percent of Americans don’t like the savory snack and nearly a quarter […]

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