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  • Following Beyond Meat Earnings, Center for Consumer Freedom Ads Highlight What’s Really in Fake Meat

    Today, the Center for Consumer Freedom launched a six-figure advertisement campaign with a full-page advertisement in the New York Post raising awareness of the ultra-processed ingredients in many fake meat products. The advertisement will also run in the Wall Street Journal on Monday. See the advertisement here. The advertisement follows Beyond Meat’s dismal Q1 earnings […]

  • Will Joaquin Phoenix Make Terrorists Into Freedom Fighters?

    Joaquin Phoenix, the weird actor known for his role in Joker, announced that he may produce a film adaptation of Free The Animals, a book lauding the terroristic efforts of the Animal Liberation Front. Phoenix has a long history of animal liberation activism, including multiple public outbursts where he has urged people to adopt his […]

  • McDonald’s New Salesman: PETA

    If vegan alternatives to animal protein are so good, why do vegans keep artificially boosting sales? A few months ago, McDonald’s began testing the McPlant in Dallas and San Francisco. The McPlant uses a fake meat patty instead of real beef. Sales overall are not doing well–despite the best efforts of PETA. PETA has been […]

  • Do Your Research Before Donating to Ukrainian Pet Charities

    One of the most widely shared images of the horror unfolding in Ukraine was that of a man, Andriy Kulik, attempting to console his dog who was paralyzed by fear after a nearby explosion.  The image broke the hearts of pet owners everywhere and it was a stark reminder that the devastation of this senseless […]

  • Animal Activists Celebrate Court Ruling–Finding Right to Eat Meat

    Animal liberation activists want to establish legal rights for animals as a way of preventing humans from eating meat, having animals in zoos and aquariums, or even owning pets. These are the kind of people who draw comparisons between owning animals and slavery. The group leading the charge for legal rights for animals is the […]

  • No, Vegan Wings Are Not Becoming A Super Bowl Staple

    Last week, Compassion in World Farming, an animal rights organization, estimated that 160 million vegan wings would be consumed during the upcoming Super Bowl LVI.  But their math is so flimsy, they might as well have just said that fans would eat “160 bajillion” plant-based wings. Here’s how they got their dubious “160 million” figure:  […]

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