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  • Illinois Shelter Investigated Multiple Times, Faces Numerous Allegations of Misconduct

    We wrote recently about two state investigations in Illinois animal shelters. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there. Open records requests filed by HumaneWatch shows the state of Illinois had to investigate Wright-Way Rescue, based in Morton Grove, on at least six different occasions that we have found based on open records requests. In 2016, […]

  • Illinois Shelter Accused of Harboring Sick Animals

    We wrote recently about how one major Illinois animal shelter, PAWS Chicago, was investigated by the state and reprimanded for illegally importing pets. This is especially important given that animal rescuers caused a major disease outbreak in Chicago in 2015 by accidentally importing Asian dog flu, which ended up sickening 1,000 dogs and killing several. […]

  • Illinois Rescue Investigated for Illegal Pet Imports

    Many rescues do great work. But there are many reports of rescues that do things the wrong way–which can have deadly consequences for pets. In 2015, animal rescuers introduced Asian dog flu to the United States for the first time. Ground zero was Chicago, where over 1,000 pets ended up getting sick and several died. […]

  • Biden Admin Bashes California’s Bacon Ban

    President Joe Biden and his officials at the Justice Department want Americans to continue to be able to bring home the bacon.  The Biden Administration filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to side with pork producers in the upcoming case on California’s Proposition 12. In the filing, the department bashed Proposition 12 and […]

  • Kim Kardashian Takes Fake Bite of Fake Meat

    In what almost looked like a hostage video, Kim Kardashian filmed herself taking a real bite out of a fake Beyond Meat “burger” after critics questioned whether she had actually tasted the product.  Kardashian was appointed as Beyond Meat’s Chief Taste Consultant last week, but the video released in the announcement left many people questioning […]

  • Washed-Up Actor James Cromwell Explains Deranged Vegan Milk Stunt

    “I glued my hand to a Starbucks counter. Here’s why.” This is not the title of a five-year-old’s kindergarten memoir, but rather it is the title of a Washington Post op-ed from the 82-year-old actor James Cromwell.  Cromwell, an actor known for his role in the 90s film Babe, glued himself to a Starbucks countertop […]

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