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  • HSUS Working to Put More Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

    If the Humane Society of the United States really cares about plastic pollution killing marine wildlife, then why does it support to laws that lead to more pollution? Recently on the beaches of the Philippines, a young whale calf washed up dead from eating plastic that pollutes the oceans. Responders found 80 pounds of plastic in the […]

  • Update: HSUS Loses Insurance Court Battle

    There’s a new turn in the ongoing saga about the Humane Society of the United States paying nearly $11 million to settle a racketeering and fraud lawsuit. Here’s a quick recap: The Fund for Animals and other animal activist groups sued Feld Entertainment, which owns the Ringling Bros. circus, nearly 20 years ago. They claimed […]

  • HSUS “Sorry” for All the Sexual Harassment It Tried to Sweep Away

    Most people know that you don’t fix years of alleged sexual misconduct by putting out a press release and clamming up. But apparently HSUS CEO Kitty Block thinks otherwise. In a press release by the Humane Society of the United States this week, the organization declared that its “Reconciliation Process,” which was launched supposedly to […]

  • California Considers “Soda Control”

    Lawmakers from the (not-so) Golden State want to crack down on a supposed menace to society: people drinking soda. And they’re considering five measures ranging from fines to noncompliance to new taxes. The Nanny State of California—which currently has some of the highest tax rates in the nation—now may slap an additional tax on drinks with […]

  • Philadelphia’s Soda Tax Is a Business-Killer

    Readers know we have railed against soda taxes—including the one in Philadelphia— as disproportionately harming the poorest among us. But there’s another group hurt by the tax: store owners. As reported by Philadelphia’s KYW: A ShopRite store in West Philadelphia is closing. The owner is placing the blame on Philadelphia’s tax on soda and sweetened drinks. […] […]

  • Beware the Vegan Vigilantes

    “Vegan vigilantes” sounds like a bad joke dreamed up by a comedy writer. However, in San Francisco, the joke isn’t so funny any more. Militant vegan activists are positively salivating over San Francisco’s new ban on the sale of fur clothing, which took effect on January 1. There’s a slight phase-in period for the ban, with stores […]

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