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  • Protests Against Humane Society of the United States Continue

    Last weekend, the Humane Society of the United States had its annual fundraising gala. Normally held at the glitzy Cipriani on 42nd St. in New York City, this year the organizers were surely happy the event was moved online. Why? Because of escalating protests over allegations of animal mistreatment. Several dozen animal rights activists recently […]

  • New Study Takes a Bite Out of Anti-Meat Claims

    Animal liberation activists love to tout any little study they can to scare people away from enjoying meat, eggs, or other animal products. There’s even a PETA-linked “physicians committee” to push this agenda. However, occasionally a contrarian study—with arguably stronger science—comes along and sees the forest from the trees. This happened last year when a […]

  • Humane Society Blows Millions on Fundraiser

    If you hire a fundraiser and they don’t make you any money, shame on them. If you decide to use that fundraiser again and they still come up empty, shame on you.  In the case of the Humane Society of the United States, which uses a fundraiser that netted nothing ten campaigns in a row, […]

  • HSUS Refuses to Produce Documents After Subpoena

    What did the Humane Society of the United States know about allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior? It seems HSUS doesn’t want people to know. In a letter dated October 6, published below, a lawyer representing HSUS objects to providing a number of documents sought through a subpoena in a lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by […]

  • Animal Activist Move the Goalposts–Again

    There’s an old adage that if you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile. And time and time again, the vegan animal liberation crowd shows that saying to be accurate. For years, the smarter activists–i.e., not PETA–have realized that demanding people become vegan overnight isn’t a persuasive campaign. So they latched onto the Meatless […]

  • Taking Back the Narrative From Animal Activists

    Originally published in Meatingplace by Rick Berman on September 1, 2019: PETA and HSUS have combined budgets of more than $150 million a year. Add to that the hundreds of millions invested in startups for synthetic meat alternatives or cell-cultured meat, which gain market share by claiming they are healthier than real meat. The fake meat companies have found opportunities in the […]

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