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  • These Activists Don’t Want You to Enjoy Turkey on Thanksgiving

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    Thanksgiving is truly a special time of the year. Family and friends get together to celebrate a delicious feast, football games, and holiday cheer. But this turkey-focused holiday drives some vegan animal rights activists over the edge. This time of year, we’ve seen PETA try to place TV spots attacking the idea of eating turkey; […]
  • PETA Blames the Victim

    Animal Rights Big Fat Lies Radical Activism Violence
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sure has a weird way of showing what it’s all about. In a recent lawsuit against the organization, PETA is accused of stealing and murdering a Hispanic family’s beloved dog named Maya … Continue reading
  • Another Animal Care Center Shut Down by HSUS?

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    For those who were disturbed to learn about the Humane Society’s plan to shut down the Cape Wildlife Center, we have bad news: It appears HSUS is shutting down another animal care center. The Doris Day Equine Center has been an integral part of the Black Beauty Ranch for about 5 years. Founded with a […]
  • Does Wayne Pacelle Have a Problem with Women?

    Former Employees History Lobbyists
    HSUS recently laid off 55 staffers due to financial difficulties—despite pouring millions into lobbying campaigns for ballot measures this fall. The present situation isn’t the first time questions have been raised about Wayne Pacelle’s decision-making. In late 2004, after Pacelle became CEO of HSUS, he merged the organization with the Fund for Animals, an anti-hunting group he […]
  • PETA Has Ally in Bid to Slaughter Cats

    Radical Activism Violence
    The Wrath of the Animal Rights Groups is upon us and their radical new solution to prevent the killing of animals is to … kill some animals. Yes, PETA, the organization that claims to be for the “ethical treatment of … Continue reading
  • PETA Rains on Pokémon Go Parade

    Animal Rights
    Assuming you enjoy fun, there are three types of joy-spoilers you should never invite to a party: conspiracy theorists, nihilists, and people from PETA. Case in point: Pokémon Go was released last week, and (literally) the entire world went wild. In just … Continue reading
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