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  • Bill Gates Wants You to Eat Ultra-Processed Goop

    At some point, Bill Gates changed from “rich computer genius” to a guy who has some bold and unsettling designs for everyone else to follow. The latest Marie Antoinette moment from Gates comes in an interview about his new book, in which Gates declares that the United States, Europe, and other First World countries should […]

  • HSUS Seeks to Silence Sexual Harassment Whistleblowing

    For the second time in a year, the corporate empire of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is trying to silence whistleblowing. Last year, two whistleblowers came forward with allegations of animal mistreatment at Project Chimps, a Georgia facility for chimpanzees that is funded and controlled by HSUS, according to tax records. The […]

  • Humane Society of the U.S. Sticks $50 Million Offshore

    We’ve all seen the sad ads on TV with homeless pets and slow music, asking for just $19 a month to help these poor creatures. But if you give to the Humane Society of the United States, your money likely isn’t helping care for animals. Despite its name the Humane Society of the United States […]

  • HSUS Embarrassed in California

    Last week, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), with much trumpeting and fanfare, announced that it had found a sponsor for a bill to completely ban bear hunting in the state. HSUS called the legislation “groundbreaking” and said it “has been working toward such a ban for a long time.” HSUS is opposed […]

  • (Diet) Food for Thought

    Nowadays, nearly everything you can purchase you can customize. From your phone to your mattress, whatever feature you think is best for you–you can have it. It’s the beauty of consumer freedom.  So why isn’t the same true of what you eat? It seems as though people are quicker to pick apart what’s on your […]

  • Animal Activists Seek Ban on New Farms

    For years, animal activists have lobbied for laws that raise the cost of animal protein by banning common husbandry practices on farms. The regulations aren’t about animal welfare, they are about making it too expensive for farmers to produce–and thus consumers to purchase–animal products. Now, activists are going whole hog, so to speak.  The animal […]

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